Five Reasons Why You Should Buy an Investment Property

Once you understand how to buy an investment property, you will see how easy it is and why you should buy an investment property sooner rather than later!

Record Number of Cash Buyers in USA Property Market

A new record has recently been set in the United States for the number of people paying cash for residential properties.

Which Countries Are Investing in USA Property?

Buying property in the United States has become increasingly popular with foreign individuals and companies in several countries, including Australia.

U.S. Rental Prices Up as Demand Outweighs Supply

Before and After Gold Scale - we can put your own message here!

U.S. Median Sales Price Up for Two Consecutive Years

Median Sales Price Up for Two Consecutive Years

Has the USA Property Market Bottomed Out?

Since the devastating crash of the USA Property Market has taken quite some time to recover. Many experts are saying it has already bottomed out.

Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in USA Property

Investing in U. property is a no-brainer. Housing market analysts are saying that it is a great opportunity for long-term investors.

How to Increase Your Investment Property Tax Deductions

The Australian Taxation Office allows you to deduct a number of expenses related to buying and maintaining rental investment property in Australia.

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