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Knots between your shoulder blades & rounded shoulders?
Knots between your shoulder blades & rounded shoulders? Try this mobility exercise daily! Cc rmt.rachelpantano #backpain #backpainrelief #shoulderpain #shoulderpainexercises #roundedshoulders #poorposture #hipmobility #shouldermobility
Perfect Morning Stretch For body Pain and Stiffness!
Save this and implement daily! Try to do each move for 10-15 reps or set a timer and do each stretch for 30-40 seconds! 1. Neck rotations 2. Body rocks 3. Cat/Cow 4. Treats the needle (both sides) 5. Hip rocks (alternate) 6. Straddle with forward bend 7. Knee twists (each side) 8. Shoulder dislocates 9. Deep squat Perfect morning or bedtime routine! Your body will thank you. Remember moving your body is key to reduce stiffness and pain throughout the body. CC: zallibhai #dailystretch #movedaily #morningstretch #feelyourbest #stretch #stretching #movement #yoga #wellness #health #selfcare #selflove
Workout Home vs Workout Home | Full Body Workout | Fit Body
💪Gym VS Home 🏡 Save and perform these exercises in your next session ➡ Here we leave you some examples that you can apply from today🔥 💡Do you like the idea? Save and follow us for more content✅ _________ #gymvshomeworkout #gymvshome #homegymlife #homeworkouts #homeworkoutideas #fitness #glutesday #quadsworkout #resistancebands #resistancebandsworkout #resistance
When you’re really not in the mood for rehearsal but would be lost without you as
a poster showing how to use resistance band workouts for the entire body and shoulders
Resistance Bands set, Resistance Bands Workout
Start Transformation Now!
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Best workout for Weight floss
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These 3 exercises are designed to gently correct your posture while promoting flexibility