What goes on in Australia

What goes on in Australia?<<Birds are pure evil. Once, at least a dozen of them swooped down and attacked my fries. Five minutes before that, another bird took a bite out of my cheeseburger as I was about to eat it myself.<<< BAHAHA I love Australians

Most dangerous animals in Australia (pt. reasons for why you should come to Australia. Jks but seriously I live in Australia and the only things (on this list) I've actually seen here are red backs, wallabies, huntsmans and kangaroos

Yeah, that pretty much explains Australias hot weather

Yeah, that pretty much explains Australias hot weather<<< yep. In primary school in hot days most of the kids got a blood nose.

You can tell when a Wedge Tail flies over our valley as all other birds instantly go quite until it has passed- god dam it Australia

Inconsiderate Fucktard

When I was little I always used to wonder why all money on tv was green, American money isn't even green it's grey. I have one, it's the most boring note in my foreign currency collection. Use colour<<< yeah spice up your ducking lives American honestly

Hilarious Australian Ad

Funny pictures about Hilarious Australian Ad. Oh, and cool pics about Hilarious Australian Ad. Also, Hilarious Australian Ad photos.

Funny pictures about Australian Museum. Oh, and cool pics about Australian Museum. Also, Australian Museum.

You can see the regret the further North they get

Map of the U., as labeled by an Australian who’s never been there. (Not too far off from how many Americans would label the map, anyway.


But my American money is perfectly fine after it's been in the wash ? <<< isn't it the dryer that messes it up?

legit though be fkn worried about being King hit

Ok so from the comments when I re pinned his I've gathered that it basically be means don't get hit from behind by some sketchy dude wearing a tank top/wife beater