Cider Cocktails

An amazing range of cocktails, designed to be made with alcoholic cider, also known as hard cider. Try them, and then make them your own, by swapping an apple cider for a Cheeky Rascal Strawberry & Apple, or a pear cider for a Cheeky Blood Orange Pear!
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Pomegranate Spiced Cider

17 Cocktails Perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner

The Chester Cider

10 Cider Cocktails to Make You Fall for Autumn

'Fallen' cocktail - bourbon, cider, brown sugar and walnut bitters. Served warm.

17 Cocktails Perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Cocktails from Cosmopolitan: Fallen - Wild Turkey Bourbon, Vandermill Hard Cider, Brown Sugar, Walnut Bitters

Balsamic Apple Cider Cocktail

Balsamic Apple Cider Cocktail {guest blogger

Sounds amazing - Balsamic Apple Cider Cocktail {Or Mocktail} — Celebrations at Home

Eve's Black Heart - cider, stout and apple brandy

Eve’s Black Heart

Eve's Black Heart - Similar to a Black Velvet, which is made with Guinness and Champagne, this beer cocktail has a double hit of apples from both hard cider and apple brandy. Hence, the name, derived from Eve’s penchant for the forbidden fruit.

Strawberry Southside Fizz

Top with Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider. Shake all ingredients and strain over ice into a highball. Top with Rekorderlig cider and garnish with mint.

The Young Buck

For the Hibiscus Simple Syrup cup sugar cup water ounce dried hibiscus flowers For the Cocktail ice 3 ounces ginger beer 6 ounces semi-dry sparkling cider 1 tablespoon hibiscus simple syrup (recipe below) dried hibiscus flower for garnish

Hard Cider Mimosa

Angryosa (yumm) Ingredients ½ Angry Orchard (any style) ½ Orange Juice Instructions Mix and Serve in a champagne flute. Garnish with an orange rind.

The Jersey Cocktail

The Jersey Cocktail - Hard Cider, Bitters, Simple Syrup, Lemon Peel

Warm Apple Pie

Hot Apple Pie Cocktail: Apple Cider, Tuaca (Vanilla Liqueur) and Spiced Rum and a TINY bit of Honey. Top with Whipped Cream and cinnamon and nutmeg!

Spiced Hard Cider Sangria

Hard Cider: The Perfect Cold Weather Cocktail

Not a cocktail... but an amazing Cider Spider!  The cider and ice cream combinations are endless.

Not a cocktail. but an amazing Cider Spider! The cider and ice cream combinations are endless.

Tropical Cider Cocktail

Recipe Tropical Cider Cocktail by Gayle Rowan - Recipe of category Drinks