Only 4 ingredients!!! Cream Cheese Biscuits~These melt in your mouth!!

Fat free cream cheese and yogurt instead of butter? Cream Cheese Biscuits (only 3 ingredients -cream cheese, flour and butter) These melt in your mouth!

Stuffed Pizza Muffins | Recipe By Photo

Stuffed Pizza Muffins- these are awesome! I use shredded mozzarella rather than chunks of string cheese. How in the hell would you neatly roll THOSE up? Also, we call them pizza rolls b/c pizza cupcakes sounds stupid and revolting.

Mini Tortilla Pizzas

Today's lunch: Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas -- super easy to make, can use different ingredients (including low carb tortillas, load up with veggies), great idea!-- Fun idea for letting the kids help me cook!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks via Inspired Taste #appetizer #wings #gameday

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks Ingredients 1 oz) roll Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust (Substitute 12 ounces of refrigerated pizza dough) cup ml) buffalo wing sauce (look for “wing sauce.

Parmesan and Spinach Twists | Little Grazers NOTE: VERY TASTY BUT A BIT FIDDLY

Parmesan and Spinach Twists

Anything big made small is ultrafun for cocktail parties, and these quick, one-bite mac and cheeses are the ultimate example.

Macaroni and Cheese

mini mac and cheese bites.i want to add panko and use white cheddar and smoked gouda.i can turn any mac and cheese recipe into mini mac and cheese bites right?

Chicken mince, lots of vegies and fresh herbs make these sausage rolls something special.

Healthy chicken and vegetable sausage rolls

Healthy chicken and vegetable sausage rolls. Chicken mince, lots of vegies and fresh herbs make these sausage rolls something special.

Puff Pastry with Spinach

gotta make these babies . puff pastry with spinach and scallions in alfredo sauce Starbucks pastry recipe copycat

Corn Fritters NOTE: YUMMY

Corn Fritters via Stay at Home Mum. Add wholemeal flour for more fibre, sweet chilli sauce and shallots add extra zing.

roasted chickpeas, roasted garbanzo beans, snack, toddlers, legume, beans

Preheat oven 200 1 can beans drain, wash, peel, wash. Olive oil salt and spices. Sounds like a healthy snack!