Ben Wa Balls (Duo Balls, Geisha Balls)

Duo balls are also referred to as ben wa balls, Burmese bells, geisha balls or orgasm balls and they are designed to roll around inside the vagina. Their insertion and removal can be an act of teasing or stimulation in itself. They also have uses outside of sex, for example as a medical aid to tighten the vaginal muscles (which in turn increases pleasure during sex).
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Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls

Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls are designed as a Kegel exerciser to strengthen your vaginal muscles. Seamless weighted duo balls and with two pieces of ultra smooth ABS allows for easy insertion and easy removal with the secure retrieval cord.

Clearkit Vibrator Set

ClearKit Vibrator Set has something for everyone. This sex toys set includes 5 inch multi-speed vibrator, 2 differnet soft jelly sleeves, duo balls and a multi-speed vibrating bullet for clitoral stimulation.

Layla Single Kebel Ball

Layla Single Kegel Ball is a waterproof love ball made from hygienically superior medical grade silicone that can be used for vaginal stimulation or to increase arousal. This perfectly weighted kegel exerciser will help you secretly work out anywhere .

Layla Peonia Kegel Balls

Layla Peonia Kegel Balls are waterproof vaginal balls made from hygienically superior medical grade silicone. Kegel balls are small weighted devices that can help strengthen woman's vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

Play Candi Beanz Duo Balls

Play Candi Beanz Duo Balls are made from silicone, which means that they not only look great but feel amazing - they are smooth and perfectly weighted ben wa balls for vaginal or anal stimulation. A contemporary collection of premium Silicone .

4 Duotone Balls

Buy Online 4 Duotone Balls by NMC. These orgasm balls are attached by a cord which makes it easy to remove the balls when needed. Make your vagina stronger and more sensitive, gain greater control over your pleasure and have more intense orgasms with .

Pleasure Pearls Duo Balls

Pleasure Pearls Duo Balls are perfectly weighted to give you just the right amount of stimulation, while strengthening your Kegel muscles to help you give and receive even more pleasure. The Pleasure Pearls Duo Balls come in a pretty shell shaped box.

Duo Balls Four Balls

Duo Balls Four Balls are great for pelvic floor exercises. Clean your duo balls before and after each use. You can buy these Love Balls & other Adult Products online @ Best Prices from Red Sex Shop!

Vibratone Soft Balls

Vibratone Soft Balls are unisex soft ben wa balls with internal steel balls for non stop movement. Soft nubby ben wa balls for thrilling sensations. Duo Balls & other Adult Products @ Best Prices from Red Sex Shop Online!

Latex Coated Orgasm Balls

New latex covered duo balls for more comfort and an unbelievable orgasm. Duo Balls for vaginal satisfaction. Duo Balls / Geisha Balls / Ben-Wa Balls @ Best Prices Online from Red Sex Shop!

Orgasm Balls Hard

Orgams Balls are neon coloured duo balls for vaginal or anal satisfaction. Clean your orgasm balls before and after each use.

Duo Balls Super Soft

Duo Balls Super Soft - Pair of super soft duo balls. You can buy these Love Balls & other Sex Toys @ Best Prices Online from Red Sex Shop!

Heavy Metal Duo Spheres

Heavy Metal Duo Spheres are heavy ben wa balls that are perfect for advanced users of the kegels pelvic muscle exercise. They are a great sex toy for all genders and feature 2 solid weight ben wa balls, designed to massage internally.

Duo Balls 2 Tone (Red)

Duo Balls 2 Tone are unisex geisha balls. These duo balls have internal steel balls for non-stop movement, tapered soft jelly shell and a strong nylon cord for control and pleasure.

Orgasm Vibrating Duo Balls (Silver)

Buy Online Orgasm Vibrating Duo Balls (Silver) @ Best Price - set of two unisex vibrating ben wa balls with easy to use hand held controller. Have the time of your life with these vibrating ben wa balls!

Orgasm Vibrating Geisha Balls (White)

Orgasm Vibrating Geisha Balls (White) provide powerful vibrations for extra pleasure. These multi-speed vibrating geisha balls can be used vaginally or anally.