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Oregano salt - a flavour packed addiction Meatless Monday, Christmas And New Year, Addiction, Salt, Recipes, Food, Meals, Yemek, Eten

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I love this period between Christmas and New Year but usually for very different reasons than what I am up to this year. December is crazy (good crazy) for us and I find that when I actually get a few days at home, I become that crazy neurotic person who suddenly has an overwhelming urge…

Orecchiette with broccolini and lemon and a snippet and new recipe from the Relish Mama cookbook, Food Recipes Italian Recipes, New Recipes, New Cooking, Everyday Food, Meatless Monday, Cooking Classes, Meals, Healthy, Ethnic Recipes

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I love this time of year for so many reasons and not to mention that some of my favourite ingredients come into season such as lemons, broccolini, garlic and more. I am delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the Relish Mama cookbook and a date has been set for the launch on 3rd December.…

Quinoa salad with peas, watercress and homemade basil oil, Food Recipes Basil Oil, Quinoa Salad, Meatless Monday, How To Dry Basil, How To Memorize Things, Herbs, Homemade, Recipes, Food

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We had a pretty memorable pastry class this weekend at Relish Mama. Memorable for so many reasons in a good way but then there was also the small issue of loosing all power to the building mid class – quite memorable for me I can tell you. Our guests and Chef were incredible and truly…

How to make perfect scrambled eggs Scrambled Eggs, Meatless Monday, Granola, Baked Potato, Meals, Fresh, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Meal

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If you have beautifully fresh eggs in the fridge, you can have a truly cracking meal in no time! I made a large batch of granola in the early hours of today but it was never going to be ready in time for my stomach to stop it’s growling. Adamant to not eat anything from…

Potato and leek soup for an easy to please husband Potato Leek Soup, Meatless Monday, Potatoes, Husband, Ethnic Recipes, Easy, Food, Potato, Meals

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I got a sweet email from my husband after lunch today. I know an email might sound a little ‘business like’ and impersonal but the truth is, I love these little interruptions when I receive them during my working day. Generally, they consist of just a sentence or two and when they are…

A wonderful and versatile tomato and basil sauce with just a touch of nutmeg from Relish Mama. Basil Sauce, Meatless Monday, Thai Red Curry, Salsa, Touch, Cooking, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Kitchen

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I took a car trip with my girls yesterday in search of a large box of ripe tomatoes perfect for making a big batch of this sauce. We grew our own tomatoes again this year and they were as delightful as ever. My particular favourite from our crops was one called ‘The Mortgage lifter’ .…

 A Tunisian vegetarian beauty. Meatless Monday, Vegetarian, Ethnic Recipes, Beauty, Food, Meals, Yemek, Eten

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Most of you by now know my thoughts on us each doing our little bit for the planet. Our families Meatless Monday’s is one of the little things we commit to to help reduce our carbon footprint. Over time, our girls have become more adventurous with what they are trying and enjoying (often devouring). For…

Absolutely scrumptious Toasted muesli / granola at Relish Mama. Muesli, Granola, Meatless Monday, Great Recipes, Pudding, Breakfast, Healthy, Desserts, Food

Absolutely scrumptious Toasted muesli / granola at Relish Mama.