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a man holding an origami piano and pointing to it with the words how to make
How to make... a piano out of paper.
"Revamping the classic paper piano for my students with a new twist! 🎹🎨 Check out this updated version with a printable worksheet featuring piano keys. Once you're done, you'll have a full keyboard in the right spot! #DIYMusic #PaperCrafts #MusicEducation #CreativeTeaching #PianoFun"
Piano Origami - how to make…
How go make a poabo out of paper 🎹📄#origami #origamiart #piano #poanolesson #musician #paper #paperart
Music Memory Flip Game - Over 100 Cards
Hi! I created this flip game for my students to help them learn and memorize the music symbols we use in our class. Simply print two copies ( back is optional) and place facing down. Then your students pick two cards at random and if they get the same symbol they put it on their pile. I make it a little extra hard by asking them the name and to describe. The student with the most cards at the end wins. I hope your students enjoy this game a much as mine do. #musicgame #kidsmusic #learnpiano