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a drawing of a woman in colorful clothing and boots with an open coat over her shoulders
The Business of Fashion
2015 First Year Illustration | University of Westminster's Visual Portfolio | BoF Careers | The Business of Fashion
a drawing of a woman holding a purse and wearing high heeled shoes while walking down the street
Julie Houts — Illustration division
Julie Houts — Illustration division
a drawing of a woman in a blue and white checkered dress holding a cell phone
Guia ilustrado (e bem-humorado) de sobrevivência às fashion weeks
Guia ilustrado (e bem-humorado) de sobrevivência às fashion weeks
a collage of clothes and clothing items on a piece of paper with red thread
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JASMINE CASTANEDA-NAVA, MOORE COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN - Reducing waste, and Reusing levis garments is what really inspired my whole project and designs. In order to create a more sustainable fashion environment one must reuse the waste that we have and use it in creative ways instead of throwing everything out. I designed these looks based on already existing Levi's and customized each garment with my own denim fabric manipulations.
a woman in a blue dress is standing next to a brick wall and the words sashi - kami deviantat com
under the microscope by Sashiiko-Anti on DeviantArt
yay!i finally finished her!3 more to go until the exam when i have to show them all to my teacher! under the microscope
an image of a person with many designs on it
Geometric Drawings
Wow look at the details! This is magical work, luv luv luv it. Makes me wanna take out my pencils and make something epic!
an abstract painting with lots of different colors and lines on the surface, all over white
Contemporary Colour
Contemporary Colour
an abstract painting with pink and blue stripes on orange background, created using acrylic paint
Inspiring : Sarah Bagshaw {surface design} -
It was while studying at art college that UK designer Sarah Bagshaw had her first serious encounter with pattern love. It all started when her Mum gave her some patterned 1960s bath towels t...
an abstract painting with yellow and black circles on white paper, which has been drawn by hand
Lucienne Day pioneer of contemporary design and one of my favourite textile designers of the 20th century
a piece of cloth with red squares and lines on the side, hanging from a wall
Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles Cotton strip weaving Woven in 10 strips from the ewe people Ghana early 20th century