31 high protein snacks to keep you full longer

27 Portable Snacks That Have More Protein Than a Hard-Boiled Egg

31 high protein snacks to keep you full longer - these are great! I especially appreciate the microwavable recipes and overall they are very veggie friendly.


Healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge: cup coconut oil cup good quality cocoa powder cup natural peanut butter cup mild raw honey tsp pure vanilla extract REPLACE Peanutbutter with ALMOND BUTTER

how to make your own marinated feta.

marinated feta - I drain the oil and reserve it; bake the feta in an ovenproof dish for 10 min. use the reserved oil on heated pitas, spread the baked feta and top with diced cucumbers, tomatoes and basil.

@Rebecca Dezuanni Hirsch   Hangover Remedy.. here ya go! mmm, and it even says to eat Cheez-Its! I am all for this for YOU. lol. I'm all for anything that promotes eating Cheez Its. haha

Sounds like the perfect recipe for hangover relief. Crackers, honey and yogurt? I'll take it.

Thermotwinning: 20 Second Crunchy Lemon Muffins thermomix

This is a really quick and easy muffin recipe, and the muffin itself is really moist and fluffy with a crunchy topping. These are way too ea.

A #fructose-free Choc-chip Cookie Dough Ice-cream that will knock your socks off. #icecream

Choc-chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

A sugar-free Choc-chip Cookie Dough Ice-cream, going to use Quinoa flakes instead of oats to make it GF.

Cheap? Check. Edible? Check. Thoughtful? Double check. #edible #gifts http://greatist.com/eat/diy-holiday-gifts-to-give-when-you-are-broke

The Best DIY Gifts to Give When You’re Basically Broke