Chicken and corn soup recipe

Before the long weekend of chocolate-feasting begins, you might want to try some healthy meals. Start the week with a spicy chicken breast recipe, move onto paleo spaghetti and end with a north African chicken tagine feast.

Sweet potato, chilli and lime soup with tortilla crisps

This soup has real Mexican kick thanks to the ancho chillies. Along with the soup as a starter, a great Mexican-themed lunch would be fish or chicken with adobe served with avocado, shredded cabbage and fresh tortillas.

Italian chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup is great. Chicken noodle soup with pesto, parmesan, lemon zest and a slug of olive oil is even better.

Asian-style chicken noodle soup

Every year I tweak my chicken soup recipe. Full of Asian flavours, this quick and easy soup has become a midweek favourite. Look out for really good dumplings, available from specialty shops and Asian supermarkets.

French onion soup

This is a rarely cooked but classic dish that takes me back to my French training. This version owes more to Heston Blumenthal than tradition, though, with my own spin. It takes time, but not too much effort.

Maple roast ham hock and pea soup

Maple roast ham hock adds something special to old-favouite pea and ham soup.

Thick minestrone with parmesan croutons

Hearty meals that are bold enough to satisfy a wintry craving, but light enough so you won't feel like you've eaten half a horse? Try this minestrone - so thick .