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a blue and white pattern with flowers on it
an illustration of a woman in the water surrounded by ducks and geese, with long hair
Franz Hein - "Mermaid in a Pool with Goldfish", (1904)
a drawing of flowers on a piece of paper
charles rennie mackintosh
charles rennie mackintosh
an abstract painting on a white wall with a red dot at the end of it
Erin Eastabrooks
a painting of a bird in a pink frame on a blue wall with gold trim
Eye Candy: Pinterest Favorites this Week (The English Room - Musings of a Design Aficionado)
Eye Candy: Pinterest Favorites this Week
the shadow of a woman's head is shown with flowers and leaves on it
Sarah Jarrett Art
a white flower on a black background with circles and dots in the center, as well as an image of a bird
Dana Kinter.~
an abstract painting with gold and white flowers