Tiny Teddy Santa sleigh

Tiny Teddy Santa sleigh

Your Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cooking With Kids - 50 Festive Food Ideas And Recipes For Children

Christmas Reindeer Tiny Teddy Cookies

We made them today at school with the reception kids! Arnott's Milk Arrowroot biscuits, basic white or butter c.

Tiny teddy sleighs

MIlky Way Teddy Bar Cars - Cut Bite size Milky Way bars about from the end.wedge a Teddy Graham or Teddy Bear cookie in the cut area, & with a few dabs of choc. frosting glue onto two candy canes. Your kids will love them!

Tiny Teddy cars with printables. #TinyTeddyCars #KidsParties

Tiny Teddy Cars

These gorgeous tiny teddy cars are incredibly easy to make. Assemble with either mars, milky way or snickers bars and they will be a delight for the kids.

Tiny teddy train

Make a Teddy Bear Train Treat for cupcakes or cakes or as part of a lolly buffet - variations include: Sleds and racing cars which are easy to adapt (pics

Sleeping tiny teddies

Tiny Teddy biscuits in bed. Easy to create tiny teddy biscuits with arrowroot or similar, regular icing and a few little decorations.