Innovative Lighting Techniques

from: Rent to A minimalistic stark white apartment is given character by the use of creative lighting.
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The absence of natural light sent the owners of this tiny Parisian studio apartment to seek out the renowned French architect team of Betillon/Dorval-Bory. They ingeniously used spectral lighting to bring a polarized effect of artificial light to the tiny 65 sq ft space. The result is a sensation of warm and cool areas as well as a color blocked aesthetic. The architects share their mission for the space,

Appartement Spectral par Betillon / Dorval Bory Half wall with pull out bookcase stairs leading up to sleeping loft. Sleeping loft right above entrance. Under sleeping loft, small bathroom and coat closet to store stairs below and coats above.

The kitchen sink can be seen through the stair risers which are lit by florescent bulbs from the side.

Gorgeous Contemporary Lighting Design for Modern Apartment: Fantastic White Staircase Setting With White Floating Steps Constructed Above Wh.

The bathroom sits just on the other side of the kitchen beneath the loft and under the stairs

Creative Tiny Apartment Design in Paris: Exquisite Parisian Studio Apartment With Modern Kitchen Range Hood Kitchen Sink

This view shows just how tiny the overall living space is at a mere 65 sq feet (20 sq meters).

The lack of natural light in a tiny Parisian studio apartment prompted Betillon / Dorval-Bory to rethink the use of interior artificial lighting.

The architects intentionally created the interior to be as neutral as possible thus giving the design elements a logical composition.

5 appartement spectral in paris by betillon dorval bory Appartement Spectral in Paris by Betillon / Dorval Bory

The French lighting firm notes the warm and cool aspects of light can be seen here parsed out in the built form.

Clever use of small space by French firm betillon / dorval-bory who manipluated light qualities to enhance the use of a very small footprint.