30 Days of Creativity (Day 20) Platypus

Letter P Platypus craft! No instructions but it looks easy enough to make.

platypus love

Platypus Lovers by poordogfarm on Etsy

Suddenly a platypus.

[Image - 218176]

You spelled "suddenly" wrong.


Duckbill Platypus---the duck-billed platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania.


Word Animals

Word Animal Typography Logo: In this post a Australia based 25 year old graphic designer Dan Fleming recently created these incredible word animals logotyp

Platypus - The Ultimate Superanimal

Platypus - The Ultimate Superanimal

Cocoa the Platypus

Cocoa the Platypus

Felt Platypus Toy

Felt Platypus Toy Handmade Brown Turquoise Yellow Pure Wool -- Felted Animal Toy Ecofirendly

Brown Turquoise Yellow Platypus Toy Handmade by TextilePlatypus


Platypi = :D (Or is it platypuses? Or just platypus?

One platypus....

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platypus road sign sticker

Platypus road sign classic round sticker

Shop platypus road sign classic round sticker created by downunder_roo.


six little pigs tshirt

Plaid platypus

custom order - Plaid Platypus in plaid fleece

custom order Plaid Platypus in plaid by yellowhorseartstudio

duckbill platypus

duckbill platypus: of the order Monotremata

Holy Platypus Batman!

Platypus matchbox label from India circa 1930