The old Flinders Street Railway Station, circa 1885. The clock above it is now on display at Southern Cross Station.

Fatal Railway Accident ON THIS DAY ……… March 1913 Bert Gouller, aged 13 years, whose leg and arm were cut off through falling under a Coburg train at the Flinders-street station, died on this day in 1913

Luna Park,St Kilda,Victoria in the 1920s.A♥W

Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia My Uncle delighted in taking me to visit Luna Park.

The shot tower Melbourne now enclosed by Melbourne Central.

Conscription in australia essay topics Conscription in Australia During Topic: World War II. Conscription in Essay.History essay:Were Australians.

Melbourne, Flinders Street Station, 1917 (Burton Holmes Historical Collection)

Village Green: Striking Images Reclaim the Urban Memory

HISTORY: Looking out to the street, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, 1917 (Burton Holmes' Historical Collection)

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Buckley Nunn art deco moderne men's store, Bourke St, Melbourne, c First floor window were in front of The Espresso Bar.

Bourke Street, Melbourne [ca. 1858] - Richard Daintree, (1832-1878 ) & Antoine Fauchery, (1823-1861) photographer

Bourke Street, Melbourne picture - Early photographs - Land and Streetscapes - Culture Victoria

1890 Swanston St

Swanston Street Melbourne Australia in the Notice the MCC water wagon spraying water in the middle of street to keep the dust down on the unsealed surfac.

The Yarra River in flood, 1863. Flinders Street is in the foreground, marked by the corner of a building, probably the Yarra Yarra Hotel

Vintage Melbourne in Black & White - SkyscraperCity Flinders Street and the Yarra become one during a flood in 1863