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a blue dresser with flowers on top of it in front of a gray painted wall
*SOLD* This one was a lot of fun to do!. I experimented with some new ways to get a worn, layered look. I wanted it to look like it aged…
an assortment of chairs and tables made out of old industrial machinery in a room with corrugated walls
50 Stunning Impossible Creative DIY Recycling Project Ideas
an old green cabinet with branches painted on it's doors and bottom, sitting in a wood floored room
dit is kunst!. Foto geplaatst door ASeavenJune op
Uit een sprookje?
an old wooden dresser sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
A House Romance: The Beauty Of Painted Furniture!
an ornate silver dresser with flowers and vases on it's top, in front of a white wall
Available for sale $245 in Perth, Western Australia. You're bound to be enticed by the steely appearance of this chest but it's the sophistication that will make you want to get into these drawers! The brushed steel tone of his main body is distinctive and that awesome carved physique is highlighted by shimmery pale gold and champagne hues. Despite his current glamorous look, a faint scar line across the top reveals there’s ruggedness in addition to all the good looks. 80cmW, 42cmD, 49.5cmH.
an old green painted cabinet with some branches on top and one branch sticking out of it
From last week’s competition, here’s a selection of runner-up entries inspired by Spring. I loved seeing how everyone incorporated Spring in different ways. Thank you all for taking part. Look out for more of my competitions! Pieces by: @maisieshouse, @theflipbrush, @antjepo, @franmoojo and @bringingupvintage #ChalkPaint #AnnieSloan
an old fashioned cabinet with eyes on the door and drawers painted to look like it has been