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The dolphins coming to shore at Monkey Mia, Western Australia - a desert paradise. omg i how the dolphins r so close!

Sunset camel ride on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Showcasing Australia's Priceless Natural Beauty: Soaking In The Priceless Beauty During A Sunset Camel Ride On Cable Beach, Broome, In Western Australia -ShazB

Daintree Rainforest is one of Australia’s most popular destinations. Home to unfathomable biodiversity in a relatively diminutive portion of the country’s landmass, Daintree is a haven of ecotourism. North of Cairns in tropical Far North Queensland, Daintree’s myriad endemic wildlife is the result of more than 150 million years of evolution.

Daintree Rainforest: Hot and wet year-round Tall trees form a canopy which cover the rainforest Lots of wildlife Poor soil

Dawn at The Devils Marbles, 100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia.

*AUSTRALIA ~ Dawn at The Devils Marbles, 100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory,

✮ Kakadu National Park, #Australia

Kakadu National Park is in the Northern Territory of Australia, 171 km southeast of Darwin. Kakadu National Park is located within the Alli.

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park, #Kakadu, #Australia This journey will be like a pilgrimage toward the sacred waterfalls. Work Cited: Baxter, Sarah. "See Kakadu Spring to Life (222)." The Best Place to Be Today: 365 Things to Do & the Perfect Day to Do Them. Ed. Karen Noble and Sally Schafer. N.p.: Lonely Planet, 2015. N. pag. Print.

✔️Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park,Kakadu, Australia: just magnificent!

Big Red sand dunes - over 200km long, 40m high and oh, so red... Simpson Desert, Central Australia.

Big red sand dunes in Simpson Desert, Central Australia. I bet these dunes were…

The Kimberly mountains in NT Australia.

The rugged region of Western Australia's Kimberleys covers nearly 423 sq km, and is 'home' to fewer people per square kilometre than almost any other place on Earth (photo by

Kata Tjuta, Australia

Kata Tjuta rock formations reflected in lake at dusk, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia (© Kul Bhatia/Corbis The large formations dwarf everything around them in this national park. Also a spiritual site for the Aboriginal population.

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia, at Sunset Photo by jaxybelle, via Flickr

12 Apostles, Australia~I had dreamed about seeing this 4 i finally did it! it was a feeling i can't even explain!