Lights. Camera. Award-winning floorcleaning action. Get some top cleaning tips and see our Product of the Year give its best performance.

See the ENJO Floor cleaner in action. Cleaning your floors should be this easy and it is with ENJO! Contact ENJO with Leea

Clean a kitchen -- Quick ENJO Kitchen Glove Demo - YouTube

Check out Fiona’s quick, easy and chemical-free guide to cleaning the Kitchen with ENJO.

ENJO Fussy Floor Fibre - By fussy floor, we mean those dull sealed surfaces that really show the streaks. Our Floor Fibre is perfectly designed to dry the floor fast and lift your floor’s colour. Find it at

Floor cleaning products that are chemical free, natural & planet friendly. If you are looking for a high caliber yet gentle floor cleaner, shop online with ENJO!

Nothing beats the ENJO Floor Cleaner!

Nothing beats the ENJO Floor Cleaner!

Allpurpose cloth - Microfibre cloths & Kitchen cloth

Allpurpose Cloth is the only cleaning cloth you’ll ever need! Chemical free & all natural ENJO’s Allpurpose microfiber cloth is perfect for light cleaning.

Floor Care

ENJO challenges the cleaning conventional… by removing chemicals. We shine a light on sustainable living with our reusable fibre cleaning technology, and encourage households Australia-wide to put healthy living first by cleaning-up chemical-free.