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Science Behind the Headlines events take a look at topical science issues and how they are presented in the media. These same topical science issues can be discussed in the classroom. Below we pinned archived footage of the events, relevant articles and social media coverage, related Scinamations and classroom activities to help take these discussions into the classroom.
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Miracle pills, celebrity secrets, detox, raw foods, juice, soup, fasting… Diet and health advice infiltrate our everyday lives, and we often get caught up in the latest miracle fads. We’ll look at dieting in the media and the sometimes blurred line between real lifestyle guidance and potentially harmful fad propaganda. Scroll to the bottom for Teacher Resources.

Servicemen eating a Thanksgiving dinner after the end of World War I

Australia’s science and innovation is a vital part of the nation’s future. Australia has a rich and proud history in science and innovation, and the benefits of this investment surround us everyday. In this special Science Behind the Headlines we’ll examine why science and innovation is one of the major critical issues facing Australia in the next 5 years, and what Australia needs to ensure we remain the ‘clever country’. Scroll to the bottom for Teacher Resources.

The Web: Destroyer or Savior of Culture, Pay and Employment?

With a rising population can we continue to be so picky about where our food comes from? Why do we import apples from New Zealand but not potatoes? Who makes the decisions and what is the scientific basis for those decisions? Does the media help or hinder the message? Scroll to the bottom for Teacher Resources.

Science Behind the Headlines: Australia’s Food Security - Royal Institution of Australia

Just what is the science underpinning marine parks and are we being duped by the media into a false debate? Is the campaign opposing the ban to recreational fishing scientifically justifiable or just PR? Has the focus of the content switched from the science to politics and emotion? Scroll to the bottom for Teacher Resources.

Science Behind the Headlines: Marine Parks and 'No-Take' Zones - Royal Institution of Australia