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Eastern authestic and design sensibility.

Most popular "Bonsai of the Day" Juniper Bonsai by Jose Luis Blasco Paz. Very elegant Juniper Bonsai, in Literati style, breathtaking!Juniper Bonsai by Jose Luis Blasco Paz. Very elegant Juniper Bonsai, in Literati style, breathtaking! Indoor Bonsai, Bonsai Plants, Bonsai Garden, Succulents Garden, Air Plants, Cactus Plants, Ikebana, Plantas Bonsai, Art Floral Japonais

少し変わったデザインの【盆栽】画像 : 小さな鉢の中に広がる景色をインテリアとして楽しむ!【盆栽】の魅力と厳選画像 - NAVER まとめ


 Miko by Makoto Yoneda Japanese Culture, Japanese Art, Japanese Style, Image Japon, Geisha, Shrine Maiden, All About Japan, Go To Japan, Nihon

Japanese Shinto shrine maiden, Miko 巫女 #asia #black #white #beauty

Kintsugi = the Japanese art of fixing broken ceramics with a lacquer resin Kintsugi, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery, Japanese Art, Japanese Beauty, Wabi Sabi, Ikebana, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Art

Kintsugi et Gintsugi : un autre rapport à l'objet

Un art japonais ancestral, le Kintsugi, le Gintsugi et l'Urushi-Tsugi, réparations de céramiques à la laque d'or, d'argent ou à la laque naturelle

Premium Kintsugi Repair Kit Urushi Lacquer Real Gold From Japan, Kintsukuroi 3 Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Pottery, Slab Pottery, Ceramic Clay, Pottery Vase, Kintsugi, Japanese Design, Japanese Art, Japanese Broken Pottery

『SAKURA 花見の宴』31日(火)まで! 会場:銀座三越8階リミックススタイルの画像

Akira Satake : From Japan click the image or link for more info. Ceramic Decor, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Art, Make Your Own Pottery, Chawan, Color Glaze, Japanese Ceramics, Decorative Tile, Tea Bowls

Teaware From The Edge Exhibit, Tacoma Community College March 2012

The Teaware From The Edge Workshop started out with a viewing of the exhibit and short talks by the presenters about some of the works, and tea bowls in general. It was a good exhibit, and in the end they had to turn off the lights and kick us out to get us to move on to the workshop. Below is a list of the exhibitors as complete as I could make it. Many photos are from the