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the 10 ways to use social media in your classroom
Social Media Templates in the Classroom - Srta Spanish
the words use quizlet to scaffold compreensible in spanish class
Circumlocution Game: Scaffolding "Head's Up" with Quizlet - Srta Spanish
a printable taco tuesday activity for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Day 1 in Spanish Class
Could be a bunch of classroom supplies. Teacher describes the word, students run up to be the first one to find it. They color the item with their special color. Whoever has the most colors at the end wins.
a child's drawing with the words smile and two faces drawn in different colors
¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo estás? Teaching Feelings Routine
¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo estás? Routine | Spanish Simply
three different types of writing are shown in this graphic style, with the words written on them
Bingo in the World Language Classroom
Bingo in the World Language Classroom. Ideas for using this classic games for reading, listening, and writing activities.
an orange and red sign with words in spanish on it that say,'what is the
Spanish Accent Marks, Tildes, & More Basic Rules
Tildes Rules
a girl with a hat on top of her head in an indoor gym area that says, minute to win it games in spanish class
9 Minute to Win it Games to Play in Spanish Class
Minute to Win It Games in Spanish Class
the words projects for beginning world language classes are in black and white letters on a green background
Projects for Beginning Language Classes - Real Life Language
a penguin sitting at a desk with a computer on it's lap and the words webquests for spanish class written below
Spanish Webquest
Webquests for Spanish Class
several pieces of paper with different colors and sizes on them sitting on top of a table
Guessing games! They are engaging, can be competitive, and an awesome source of interpretive communication . There are so many ways to use...
free printable spanish worksheets for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Spanish Worksheets — Mommy is My Teacher
I just printed 10 free printables to teach my children Spanish! These will help my kids learn Spanish. Love these free preschool printables!