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prosthetic boot, 1865

[photograph of a prosthetic boot], M. Fontaine via A Morning’s Work: Medical Photographs from the Burns Archive & Collection, Stanley B. Prosthetic limbs have come a long way!

Man creates DIY prosthetic device after amputation

A mechanical prosthetic was made using common materials such as plastic and steel cable. Ironically the mechanical prosthetic mirrors the construction of the tendons and fingers.

The wooden hand is designed to allow the wearer to span an octave on the piano.  link »  wistit »

Piano player Roydon prosthetic arm, 1904 - Vintage wooden hand designed to allow wearer to span an octave on the piano

1800's Vintage Transtibial Prosthetic.

Prosthetic Foot \\ This is a very early hand-carved and articulated wooden prosthetic foot. This is connected to a primitive hand-forged leg brace including the original pull-up rope.

Brilliant and bejeweled prostheses designed to stand out instead of blend in || Sophie de Oliveira Barata for her Alternative Limb Project

The Floral Leg from artist De Oliveira Barata`s Alternative Limb Project. The leg is worn by Viktoria Modesta, who made De Oliveira Barata’s work famous when she appeared at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony last year.

Oriental leg photographed by Annie Walters - an artificial leg with secret drawers

The Alternative Limb Project - Oriental leg photographed by Annie Walters. An artificial leg with secret drawers.