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Sea shell by the sea shore...

The pearl is the oldest known gem. Unlike all gems, the pearl is organic matter derived from living creature oysters and mollusks. It has become the symbol of purity and innocence and is often sewn into bridal gown or worn as jewelry by the bride.

sea shells

Beach Life: We are like shells on the beach; Waves of life wash over and renew us; some shells are removed and we may never see them again- we will always remain connected for that momentary wave that we were nourished and bonded -.

Crocodile Express Daintree Rainforest River Cruises - Self Drive Guide

Per Previous Pinner: Daintree Rainforest Map We didn't drive this one we went up on tram and came down a different way on the train, this was a great adventure

Is it just me or does this wolf's expression look amused about something? Lol!

sole ancestor of the dog, which was first domesticated in the Middle East. Dogs are the wolf's closest relative (the genetic divergence between gray wolves & dogs is only as opposed to over between gray wolves, Ethiopian wolves & coyot.