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Spring Evening at Kintai Bridge Kawase Hasui (Japan, Japan, 1947 Prints; woodcuts Color woodblock print Image: 14 x 9 in. Paper: 15 x 10 in. x cm) Gift of Mr. Felix Juda Japanese Art I have always enjoyed asian art. It is calming. Japanese Artwork, Japanese Painting, Japanese Prints, Japan Illustration, Art Occidental, Japanese Woodcut, Art Asiatique, Japan Art, Woodblock Print

【画像】近代の浮世絵すごすぎワロタwwwwwwwwwww : 妹はVIPPER

1:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします:2012/04/03(火) 17:03:32.45 ID:pJcqrNZ+0伝統的な浮世絵の技法と近代の表現が合わさり最強に見える 土屋光逸「高輪 泉岳寺」昭和八年 吉田博「帆船 朝」大正十五年 5:以下、名無しにかわ

  Art And Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Painting, Sketch Poses, Egyptian Art, Flower Art, Beautiful Pictures, Digital Art

鹿間 麻衣 | 如月美術- パート 2

鹿間 麻衣(SHIKAMA, Mai)の紹介です。- パート 2- パート 2

reproduction kasamatsu woodblock japanese moonrise katase print river shiro asian art by Japanese Art Print Katase River Moonrise by Kasamatsu Shiro woodblock print reproduction asianYou can find Asian art and more on our website Japanese Art Prints, Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Pintura Zen, Japanese Woodcut, Foto Gif, Japon Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Japanese Illustration

Kasamatsu Shiro JAPANESE Woodblock Print SHIN HANGA Katase Gawa Tsuki no De

Kasamatsu Shiro, Katase Gawa Tsuki no De

Ukiyo-e Shiro Kasamatsu woodcut : Shiro Kasamatsu was born in Tokyo in At the age of 13 he entered the painting school of Kaburagi Kiyokata - a master in traditional Japanese painting and printmaking. Art And Illustration, Illustration Pictures, Art Occidental, Japanese Woodcut, Art Chinois, Drawn Art, Art Asiatique, Art Japonais, Japanese Painting



artelino - Art auctions of Japanese prints, ukiyo-e and contemporary Chinese art. The artelino company, located in a small village in Bavaria, is a family business specialized in online auctions of Japanese prints since Japanese Artwork, Japanese Painting, Japanese Prints, Japan Illustration, Samurai, Japanese Woodcut, Art Asiatique, Art Japonais, Japan Art

Kawase Hasui Woodblock Print - Ikegami Honmonji 1931 1st Ed. SOLD (item #1294220, detailed views)

Kawase Hasui Ikegami Honmonji, 1931. Size: Oban. Approximately 15.25 x 10.25 inches. Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo. A first edition bearing the Watanabe B seal used between 1927-1932. Condition: Back margins repaired by a conservator. Margin corner chip. A few faint spots in sky and snow. Enlargements available. This is a very rare first edition of the famous Hasui snow scene.

Summer by Toshi Yoshida – Japanese woodblock print…………………… ukiyoe japan decoration antique fineart home decor collectible japanese woodblock print handmade home art beautiful decorative etching illustration traditional woodcut Japanese Art Modern, Japanese Colors, Japanese Prints, Japanese Painting, Art Moderne, Exotic Birds, Woodblock Print, Asian Art, Puzzles

吉田遠志「百日紅に集う」 | 山田書店美術部オンラインストア