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Now, don’t get excited. This recipe is in no way like Slutty Brownies. In fact it’s quite the opposite. A low carb, sugar free, deliciously light and healthy meal. There’s a time and a place for Slutty Brownies, but if you’re following my Anti Diet, then you need to balance them out with some skinny...  Read more

No carb Meals Carb free recipes Slutty No Carb Pasta courgettes (zucchini) Anchovies (you wont taste them, they just give a salty richness to the dish) 2 cloves of garlic Handful of capers Handful of pitted black olives Chilli flakes Tin of tomatoes Ol

Lemon surf 'n' turf - makes this as often as possible. Never tire of it

LEMON SURF & TURF Sometimes it’s nice to have a treat, get your hands dirty and eat seriously sticky food. To keep it simple, ever.

Home Made Whole Grain Mustard | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

So many commercial mustards are loaded with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. Learn how to easily make your own, entirely natural Grainy Mustard.