Baked banana chips - great for toddler snacks!

How to Make Banana Chips

Baked banana chips - great for toddler snacks! Since every store banana chip is made in a peanut plant.

Make your own Mini-Fruit Balls (

My 4 year old loves the little mini fruit balls you can buy from the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket. Pity they cost and arm and a leg to buy and are filled with all sorts of nasties.

Thermomix Banana Muffins - these are delicious a few days later too - so moist

Thermomix Banana Muffins I used 4 small bananas and two handfuls of strawberries to make banana and strawberry muffins. I added the strawberries at the same time as the bananas. Worked out really well (Strawberry Muffin Baby)

My 10 Second Coconut Bread has been a MASSIVE hit. It is quick, easy and very adaptable. I know many people have been able to tweak it using spelt flour, rice& milks and changing the sugar used in it. This is a really versatile loaf& that can suit lots

These Fluffy Vanilla Pikelets are just that. Fluffy, taste of vanilla and pikelets! Pikelets and pancakes are very popular in our house. the boys love

This Honey Jumbles recipe comes from the very first issue of The 4 Blades Magazine released November This is one of my most favourite creations so have

NOT SO HEALTHY / TREAT These are super easy and a fun cooking experience for kiddies! My boys had lots of fun helping me make these.

Cooking For Busy Mums: Toddler Meal - Mini Vege Quiche - Crustless

Cooking For Busy Mums: Toddler Meal - Mini Vege Quiche - Crustless - mozzarella cz, egg whites only

Caramello balls or slice I forgot how good these taste. I made a batch of these for my sons teachers along with some other baked goods as a thank you present as its last week at child care and after school