Australian natives in a cottage garden

Cut Leaf Daisy (Brachyscome) - Australian native, ideal ground cover, prolific flowering, many colours available

I do love colour. This grove in the north east ‘goes off’ in spring with Grevillea ‘Moonlight’, Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘CWA Pink’, Anigozanthos ‘Bush Pizazz’, Grevillea ‘Jennifer Joy’, Callistemon spp. and Leptospermum ‘Cardwell’

Perched on the top of a windswept hill in the Hunter Valley, this Australian native garden started with some lofty goals: to offer beautiful views from the house;

Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd  Erigeron 'Spindrift' - Fullsun / part shade - 20cmH x 50cm W - compact NOT invasive

Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd Erigeron 'Spindrift' - Fullsun / part shade - x W - compact NOT invasive

Chrysocephalum apiculatum.  hardy Australian native plant

Ghostly-Grey Plants for Autumn

Native Australian Plants: Chrysocephalum apiculatum (grey leafed form) full sun to partial shade

Ground Cover plants list for shade in Australia : Some of the best ground cover plants for shade include : Hosta, Bergenia, Epimedium, Cornus canadensis, Parthenocissus, Potentilla, Ferns including Athyrium, Brunnera, Helleborus, Pultenea pedunculata and Tiarella all make great ground cover plants.

Ground Cover plants are used for erosion control and ornamental planting, readily available for sale online. We list best species for sun & shade, including native ground covers.

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chrysocephalum apiculatum (formerly Helichrysum apiculatum)

Kate Stickley, APLD and Gretchen Whittier

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