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Passive solar orientation - how to design your home to take advantage of natural heating and cooling.

Seven deadly sins of home design

​There are seven common mistakes that people frequently make when designing their home. Mistakes that are often reinforced in home journals and TV renovation.

Heating decision tree

How to choose an energy efficient heater A high efficiency gas heater or high efficiency reverse cycle air conditioner will cost less to run. By choosing the right sized system for your home you can avoid paying for energy you don’t need.

Environmental house design

There are 6 main areas that need to be considered when planning your eco friendly house or renovation.

Construction cost calculator. Estimator for new homes, renovations and additions.

Construction and renovation cost calculator and estimator for kitchens. Use our Kitchen Cost Calculator to estimate how much a new kitchen will cost.

Powerwall | The Tesla Home Battery

We should address the fundamental issues instead of putting a silicon or lithium band-aid on it.


Thank You - New Build Price List - On Property

Electric, gas or reverse-cycle - which type of heating is right for your home? We explain all the options, and cover energy efficiency and cost.

Laminate is a fairly hard-wearing floor particularly suitable for dog owners.