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four different pictures of a cat in a flower pot made out of stained glass tiles
CaTs in PaRTy hATs!!!!
Check out all her beautiful mosaic flower pots - very talented!
a bathroom with fish painted on the wall next to a sink and toilet in it
Lance Jordan Creations
The Mouth is the mirror. Fun!!!!!!!!!! Lance Jordan :: Bathroom
a bird with a long neck standing in front of a tile background that has words written on it
a potted planter with a cat face made out of stained glass mosaic tiles
Party hat cat
a tree is depicted on a mosaic plate
Moonlight Mosaic
an ornate photo frame with pearls and jewels
Mosaic shabby jeweled frame with vintage rhinestones and pearls
an octopus is swimming in the water
Sandra Bryant octopus - ocean- sea creature mosaic - under water Love this but wish it had more color. :)
a painting of a red eyed tree frog
The Frog by Susan Clifton 12 x 12" Mixed Media, acrylic on wood panel box, fabric mosaic @Susan Caron Clifton #Art #Frog
four brightly colored clown masks sitting on the floor
a painting of a woman's face made out of stained glass and mosaic tiles
gila rayberg mosaics
gila rayberg mosaics - Google Search
a hand holding a heart shaped pendant with flowers on it's side and two beads hanging from the front
21 Mosaic jewelry ideas | mosaic, jewelry crafts, mosaic glass
Mosaic jewelry on Pinterest | Mosaics, Broken China and Broken ...
an elephant made out of stained glass on a white surface with flowers and hearts around it
Painted Elephant H:48cm W:38cm
there is a small house with many figurines on the table in front of it
My Mosaic Bird House
Mosaic bird house side view: I saw some mosaics on Ebay, about 6 years ago and thought it would be something I would like to try. Being somewhat creative I thought how hard could