Speckled Egg: Surprise Snowballs

Speckled Egg: Surprise Snowballs- All you need is white crepe paper streamers and small toys, candy, or trinkets. put them in clear bags and added a tag that read: Find the sticker on the snowball. Then unroll the paper to find some fun surprises.

Tasty #Cup_Quiches.  Click For Recipe

These delightful appetizers are shaped and baked using common cupcake cup trays. For the upcoming holidays, cup quiches should be a delicio.

Homemade toffees. These nostalgic treats, heady with the scent of caramelised sugar, evoke memories of school fetes and cake stalls. Topped with 100's & 1000's or a whole almond. MM sez: The convent school always had them for sale on Fridays too. Children would compete for the honour to be the seller in the playground. ( the other favoured chore was to ring the large bell for lunch or recess)

Mini toffees

Mini Toffees Indulge your sweet side with a box of homemade toffees. These nostalgic treats, heady with the scent of caramelised sugar, evoke memories of school fetes and cake stalls.

Zucchini, Feta & Mint Quiche

Zucchini, Feta & Mint Quiche

Zucchini, Feta & Mint Quiche: Makes 8 small or 1 large pie

Tea With Grace Recipes: Lemony Tea Cookies

Lemony Tea Cookies

Bake sale idea

Lots and lots of Bake Sale packaging ideas. I love the packaging presentation of baked goodies almost as much as the goodies themselves.


Jelly_biscuits - use jelly crystals to add colour and/or flavour to biscuits!

Chocolate Velvet Dessert

Chocolate Velvet Dessert ~ It looks so beautiful on a buffet table that many folks are tempted to forgo the main course in favor of this chocolaty treat.

Chocolate Cheesecake Squares

Chocolate Cheesecake Squares Recipe -These bite-size bars are very rich, so small servings are satisfying. They're perfect for parties because they don't require a fork and plate to eat.

Quick Asian Chicken Salad

Need diabetic recipes? Get great recipes for diabetics for your next meal. Taste of Home has lots of delicious recipes for diabetics including diabetic cake recipes, diabetic desserts, and more diabetic recipes.

Italian Dressing Pasta Salad

Italian Dressing Pasta Salad Recipe -This colorful salad is hearty enough to be a light meal in itself. It's a great make-ahead dish, since the full flavors of the herbs and veggies need a little time to blend.

Lamb souvlaki skewers

Lamb souvlaki skewers - dice the lamb, add the marinade then freeze BEFORE you thread onto the skewers. The hard work is done. All you have to do is BBQ or grill the souvlaki and add bread and a salad.