Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids! #Summer #veteransday #Spring art project |

Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids! Summer art project - I have seen this done with halfed apples to really nice on black paper

Craft: Veterans Day

Use these resources to facilitate student discussions about patriotism and American military heroes, or assign research projects to delve deeper into the United States' m

The poem "In Flanders Fields" by Dr John McCrae, written in 1915, is the reason that we use poppies to remember those that have died in wars.

▪️Remembrance Day poem: "In Flander's Fields" written during the First World War by Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae▪️

Rosemary scented water for sensory play. Create some beautifully scented water using natural herbs for multi-sensory play for kids! No artificial additives needed in this aromatic play time.

Rosemary Scented Water for Natural Sensory Play

Make some rosemary scented water for natural sensory play exploration, as a real treat for the senses! Perfect for outdoor water play investigating plants their properties more closely (",)

The Big List Of ANZAC Day Ideas

ANZAC DAY – Honouring our Heritage commemorates the centenary of WWI and the Anzacs in Gallipoli, the texts covers nine different Anzac Day topics.