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Attend, listen, learn and motivate - the power of active listening for managers and leaders  #listening

I’ve been reading a lot about our brains on music, and how supremely intertwined music is in our very being, as humans. As we listen to music, it’s not our ears that actually hear music – it’s our brains. Our ears merely convey the vibrations to our.

Focus and the Science of Attention (Part 1 of 4).  - Daniel Goleman introduces the basic principles behind his new book, Focus.

Training the Brain, Changing the Brain (Part 4 of Daniel Goleman talks about the plasticity of the brain and how any form of meditation builds attention. This is part of a 4 part series to promote his new book, Focus.

You are branding yourself as a manager every day - the hierarchy of personal values  #branding

You Are Branding Yourself As A Manager Every Day!

Recruiting leaders: the importance of strategy AND execution  #leaders #strategy

Obtaining insurance quotes can be a stressful activity, which is why you should hire an insurance consultant to gather the best insurance quotes for you!

Blog post discusses how mindfulness helps you to shape team culture as a manager. Also identifies the reasons for developing mindfulness and how to develop it. #mindfulness

Reconnecting mind, body and spirit. Lots of info on chakras, colors, healthy food and much more.

Manager Support During Downsizing - discusses the action learning group process used to support managers who were losing staff during downsizing.

10 Networking Tips: The Art of Building Business Relationships - Project Eve

A manager's power sources  #manager #power  Photo credit: octal on Flickr

A Manager’s Power Sources

What is action learning really? - the route to manager and organizational development  #action-learning

What Is Action Learning Really?

Management development: learning to shape team culture  #management-development

A key aspect of management development is learning about the ways to shape team culture. Managers need to know the impact of their words, actions and omissions.

Attitudes and values trump skills and experience - personal qualities for leaders  #leaders #values

Making choices in life that are not right for us or pursuing things that will make us unhappy is ‘unwise’!

Knowledge Sharing - where to start? Video and blog post introduce the Risk Assessment Matrix for deciding the priority for whose knowledge to capture and share

Explains a risk assessment matrix that can be used to determine priorities for knowledge capture and knowledge sharing.