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41 Weird & Quirky Memes For Bored Souls
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21 History Memes Made By The Historical Realists
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Did you know that leeches were once used to predict storms? Well, a tornado warning just dropped and my squad is climbing plaguedocboi Follow Meteorologists are outdated. I will be receiving weather news from leeches and leeches only @takemetoturch My dad is a meteorologist and he has never once warned me about an incoming storm. My leeches, however. B princemabb Follow The tempest prognosticator, also known as the leech barometer, is 19th-century invention by George Merryweather in which leeches are used in a barometer. The twelve leeches are kept in small bottles inside the device; when they become agitated by an approaching storm they attempt to climb out of the bottles and trigger small hammer which strikes a bell. The likelihood of storm is indicated by the number of times the bell is struck, -forecasting -tempest-prognosticator-storm-leech articulate-anxious-atheist Follow "urgently* Lads, the leechometre is at 12 bong, I repeat, 12 bong! - iFunny
This is adorable :)
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