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littlewickedthingsx:  “ Broom Parking by Danielle_M_Bedics on Flickr.  ”
Look at little Harry! How could you put that face in the cupboard under the stairs? HOW?
matthew lewis a.k.a neville longbottom

If A Sensible Person Went To Hogwarts

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Inside Out and Upside Down

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Vampire Gang

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I'm Sorry Card / Apology Card / I Screwed Up / Humor Card / Forgive Me Card
Researchers found that people tended to think more clearly when surrounded by mess, as they are forced to 'simplify' their thoughts to cope
Larry Sultan Pictures From Home - Larry Sultan

Help Me Help Myself

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the tweets on twitter are all different colors and fonts, but they have no words to describe
Twitter Thread: Even Vampires Hate The Bottom Of The Ocean
the twitter page for an article about what it is like and how to use it
the teen section at my library just has computers and books
an image of a line drawing with different lines and shapes on the bottom half of it
the text is written in black and white
the text on this page is very interesting
the tweet is posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they
a vampire finding u hot and interesting is AS bad as them finding you ugly and annoying as far as
the text on this page reads, just an october reminder for someone who is not happy about
Witchy Memes part 5 - witch post - Imgur