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White and blue snowflaze frozen frost wedding by LyndseyBoutique  This is the inspiration for the corset that the lovely owner of this shop has graciously agreed to a commission for.

:( costs sooo much. overrated maybe? : White and blue snowflaze frozen frost wedding dress / prom gown MADE TO ORDER/ measure

Stella Blue & Silver Venetian Masquerade Mask - Each hand finished mask might vary in decoration, adornments and style.This glittery ice queen mask is a cold and daring addition to your ensemble for your next masquerade party. The mask has beautiful silver swirls on the bottom of the mask and around the eyes like eyeliner. The insides of the eyes have a glittery blue sparkle as well as the top of the eyebrows and top the forehead in a squiggly faux tiara. #venetian #yyc #costume #mask

Breathing new life into the enchanting, iconic pieces of an era gone by, Masquerade Magic has created a truly unique range of designer masks for home an.