dailydelicious: Passionfruit Mousse: Refreshing and delicious mousse that you will love!

I think passionfruit is one of delicious fruit in the world ^^, well, may be because I like both the tangy taste and the intoxicated smell.

Passion Fruit Pannacotta to end off a delicious Valentine's meal | Photographer: @Tasha Seccombe, Recipe, testing & preparation: @Ilse van der Merwe, Styling: @Nicola Pretorius

Passion Fruit Pannacotta

Passion Fruit Pannacotta to end off a delicious Valentine's meal Photographer: Adams Adams Seccombe, Recipe, testing & preparation: Sonck Sonck van der Merwe, Styling: Pearce Pearce Pretorius

Passion fruit mousse

With its sunny colour and tropical flavour, this memorable mousse is a great way to make the most of passionfruit when they are in season. (recipe here).

Tangy Passionfruit curd that is so yummy! Great pairing for desserts or greek yogurt

Passionfruit curd- It’s Smooth, tangy with a little sweetness. Making this curd reminds me of summer and all things happy.

Passionfruit cheesecake slice (passionfruit cheesecake topping with a coconut slice base)

Passionfruit cheesecake slice

Passionfruit cheescake slice This slice has a coconut base and a tangy cheesecake topping swirled with real passionfruit pulp.

Orange and Passionfruit Pound Cake (Maggie Beer)

I have a huge soft spot for Maggie Beer . I love her style of cooking - homey rustic food based on fantastic local produce. Which means I .

Passionfruit impossible pie - The only thing impossible about this pie is saying 'no' to a second slice.

Passionfruit impossible pie

This passionfruit impossible pie is so easy, and so delicious, you& have to forgive those who ask where you bought it!

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