Amen!!!!! So much I want to say but holding my tongue. Shame on school districts focusing only on stupid FCAT test results. There is so much more to a child's learning, growth, and development than ONE test score.

RT “…be more attentive to cognitive processes of chn than results they achieve.”-Loris Malaguzzi via ht…

Child Portfolios in Early Years Education - How to make them effective.

Child portfolios in early childhood settings.are they necessary to meet EYLF outcomes? 15 Questions to ask first!

Reggio Emilia: reggio emilia classroom layout - Google Search >>> Scopri le Offerte!

reggio emilia classroom layout - So I'm liking the clothes pinned material hanging from the wall-----------kids can pull down and use for building and play

The EYLF is a guide which consists of Principles, Practices and 5 main Learning Outcomes along with each of their sub outcomes, based on identity, com.

How Educators Can Promote EYLF Learning Outcomes - Aussie Childcare Network

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