WALT, WILF and  TIB posters

The learning intention is expressed in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills, and links directly with the relevant curriculum document.

WALT and WILF POSTERS "We are learning to" and "What I'm looking for" These are great assessments for children to answer to help show the teacher if they are understanding what they are learning and what they would like to learn.

These are posters that I made for for our learning intentions and success criteria. There are two versions. The Early Stage One version uses WALT and WILF while the Stage One version uses Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

How I Use WILF and TIB To Let My Students Know What I'm Looking For

WILF and TIB is a great teaching strategy to use in your class to let your students know what you& looking for in a lesson.

WALT WILF TIB WAGOLL KQ learning objective poster AFL

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