Artwork by Willow Thomas (Formally Margie Thomas)

Collection by Willow Thomas

Willow Thomas
Flying Margie - Home "Falling or Flying?" a booklet of encouragement for survivors of Childhood sexual abuse and Depression. By Margie Thomas

Heart on her sleeve. by WillowOak

‘Heart on her sleeve.’ by WillowOak

'Heart on her sleeve.' by WillowOak. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm proud of it! Acrylic on canvas By WillowOak

The red chicken of happiness! by WillowOak

‘The red chicken of happiness!’ by WillowOak

'The red chicken of happiness!' by WillowOak. In honour of all those backyard chickens laying eggs for their Human families. Acrylic on canvas. By WillowOak

Owl by day Owl by night. by WillowOak

‘Owl by day Owl by night.’ by WillowOak

'Owl by day Owl by night.' by WillowOak. I love Owls! This is about being true to yourself, you are the same you no matter what time of day it is. Acrylic on canvas and digital media By WillowOak

Belly Dancer by WillowOak

‘Belly Dancer’ by WillowOak

'Belly Dancer' by WillowOak. Belly dancing is such a mix of colour, movement and fun. Acrylic on canvas and digital media By WillowOak

Groovy Tree by WillowOak

‘Groovy Tree’ by WillowOak

'Groovy Tree' by WillowOak. I love nature! Especially trees! This piece is a combination of Hand drawing and digital media. Too wit too woo!

Groovy Tree with orange. by WillowOak

‘Groovy Tree with orange.’ by WillowOak

'Groovy Tree with orange.' by WillowOak. Here is a Groovy tree with a brighter colour back ground. This is hand drawn and Digital media. By WillowOak

Washing line of Dreams.

‘Washing line of Dreams.’ by WillowOak

'Washing line of Dreams.' by WillowOak. I find over the years hanging out the washing was a great time to dream! May all your washing line dreams come true Acrylic on canvas and digital media. By WillowOak