Evaluating Readers Theater (Rubrics and More)

How do teachers evaluate Readers Theater? These ideas will help.
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the cover of kathy schrock's guide to everything assignment and rubrics
Assessment and Rubrics
There are so many assessment and rubric resource links on this one page that I had to pin it on our board "Evaluating Readers Theater (Rubrics and More). Now I can evaluate them for you. Hopefully, I'll find some useful for Readers Theater. :)
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10 Ways to Use Your iPad’s Camera in the Classroom...Great ideas! Remember if students can do video, they can video short Readers Theater excerpts to evaluate and critique themselves before a performance. :)
the maslow's hierarchy of needs
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"Maslow's Hierarchy of needs" is always interesting, but I never realized how much Readers Theater impacts these needs. This is a way to evaluate Readers Theater separate from the gradebook: what will be the potential impact on the student (e.g., confidence)? Great chart!
an image of a document with the words and numbers on it, in black and white
Readers Theatre Rubric
Readers Theatre Rubric from the International Reading Association. Check our Pinterest board "Evaluating Readers Theater" for more ideas: http://pinterest.com/rtallyear/evaluating-readers-theater/
the worksheet for writing numbers and their corresponding words in order to make it easier
For The Teacher : Reader's Theater Common Core
From Live to Learn; Learn to Teach: Reader's Theater Common Core. This teacher shares her JOY at discovering Readers Theater and a picture of the assessment she used with her students. (See our "Evaluating Readers Theater" board for more assessment ideas: http://pinterest.com/rtallyear/evaluating-readers-theater/)
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Oral Retelling: The Big Secret
"Oral Story Retelling" used as evaluating comprehension in Readers Theater or other literary activities. Students could have a copy of this to remind them what to include. (For more Readers Theater tips see our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/ReadersTheaterAllYear.
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I Heart Teaching's Oral Reading Rubric for her second grade class could be used with our #free Readers Theater scripts (www.ReadersTheaterAllYear.com) for your student oral reading evaluations. Thank you, Kris!
an oral reading table with two different words in each one, and the same person's name on it
Oral Language
Oral Reading 'I Can' chart with Self Assessment Rubric could be used with Readers Theater and our scripts at www.ReadersTheaterAllYear.com Requires student to use a recording device to record and listen to their own reading. What would be the easiest device to use?
a printable worksheet for students to practice numbers and writing with their own words
The Teaching With Love and Laughter shop on TeachersNotebook.com
Free 3-2-1 Reading Strategy–Simple and helpful at building skills. This could be used as part of an evaluation of or follow-up to non-fiction Readers Theater. (The free download button is on the upper right of her page.)
the reading rubbie worksheet for grade 1 students to practice reading and writing
Readers Theater Student Rubric (This is a free resource.)
a worksheet with the text reading readers'theater audience perception guide
ELA Everyday
Readers theater audience participation guide.
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Curricular Resources
This looks very helpful for student self-evaluation.
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Central Gulf of Mexico
Rubric for Reader's Theater Skits. This looks very helpful.