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Normally don't pin astrology but this really does fit me. Scorpio & Anger: Fortified and Vicious. Yes, not afraid of you, afraid of what your actions will bring out in myself


Not into zodiac stuff, but this hits too hard to not pin! "Scorpios most likeable trait. And it's true that they do NOT make false promises. If the Scorpio Man gives his word, he will deliver without fail. You can bank on that!

I don't like smokers but he's one of the few exception who I really find cool with cigarettes and I'm talking about still photos because I still don't like smokes...

While I'm not specifically basing Father Bailey on Keanu Reeves, there is a certain pain in his heart not dissimilar to what Reeves brought to his role as Constantine. It's funny, I think this is the only time i've ever spoken positively on this film.