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a jar of vegemite yeast paste on a white background with the words vegamite in red and yellow
Aussie favourites food magnets - Chiko Roll
Introducing our Aussie favourites food magnets! These illustrated magnets are more Aussie than a kangaroo riding a surfboard while eating a Vegemite sandwich! Each magnet proudly displays iconic Australian foods, from the legendary meat pies to the quirky Vegemite jars. They're so Aussie, you'll swear they come with their own built-in accent! Stick 'em on your fridge and watch as your snacks suddenly develop a taste for shrimp on the barbie. It's like a culinary adventure Down Under, without the jet lag! So grab a magnet and get ready to say "G'day" to your new favorite fridge accessory! Iluustrated by Seo Murphy Approx 8-10cm x 4-6cm Available as a set or individual
a person holding up a piece of food in front of a body of water with a bridge in the background
24 Theories About Australian Food That Are Undeniably True
Takeaway Chiko rolls taste completely different to the frozen ones in your freezer.
a cake decorated to look like an australian flag and teddy bear with australia flags on top
Aussie day Cake
a bag of chicken flavored chips
Parenting - Latest news headlines in Australia and around the world, tips and advice for parents | 9Honey Parenting
a bar of royal milk chocolate
Australian Candy & Food Store USA: Tim Tams, Vegemite, Violet Crumbles and Cherry Ripe
arnot's shortbread cream bar
Shortbread Cream – Arnott’s – 250g | Shop Australia
Shortbread Cream – Arnott’s – 250g | Shop Australia
a box of vegemite crackers sitting on top of a table
Vegemite Snackabouts
a package of frodbo mix chocolates on a white tablecloth with an image of a frog holding a baseball bat