DIY Tiered Serving Platter (and/or jewelry stand) from dollar store/ thrift shop plates & candlesticks !

DIY serving stands - plates, candlesticks, gorilla glue- never seen these with a bowl! cute way to serve chips and dip or bread with bruschetta

Tim Tam Cake Pops Recipe - Biscuits and cookies  Who needs an excuse to try Tim Tams?

Tim Tam cake pops

Tim Tam cake pops recipe - Biscuits and cookies recipes -- Kramer you have this machine right! Milsaps L Kramer and Peterson Peterson kramer can you make sure she sees this please!

Anzac Biscuits . . . YUMMY!  A traditional Australian biscuit  . . . crunchy, chewy and sweet.  SO good and easy to make.

ANZAC Biscuits

I have a weird craving for Anzac biscuits all of a sudden. Just made this recipe substituting plain flour for rice flour as I had no plain flour - hopefully they turn out lovely 3 food-cooking

Feel like a cheeky sweet treat? Try Divine Vanilla Slice.

Divine Vanilla Slice

Everyone raves about these little jewels. They are a hit at parties, and no one can just have one. This is a great recipe if you need to take a plate and have the time to prepare 2 days in advance.

Tim Tam Cake by raspberri cupcakes, via Flickr - For all the Aussies yeah!! Looks delicious !!

A Tim Tam cake! If you've never eaten Tim Tam biscuits, you don't know what you are missing.

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