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Alaska Thuderfuck 5000 your makeup is terrible dress

Top 20 Rupaul's Drag Race Contestants ranked by social media statistics. Each contestant is awarded up to 20 points in each social media category. Those scores were determined by social media Li

Portal gun from Rick and Morty!

Portal gun from Rick and Morty! If someone knows were to find these amazing portal gun pls tell me because I would like to visit rick and morty or even other dimension it would be so awesome!( sorry for the bad wrighting)>umm.

No Face Slaying

No Face Slaying

Alaska Thunderfuck in STUN (ft. Gia Gunn) - full length shot

Alaska Thunderfuck in STUN (ft.

Beautiful....Cape Schank, Mornington Peninsula, Australia #travel

Pulpit Rock in the background with a beautiful deep rock pool in the forground. The light really did wonders with a stormish sky and some good contrasty side lighting to bring out the colors…Cape Schank ~ Mornington Peninsula ~ Vic.