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a green front door on a white house with brick walkway and boxwood trimmed hedges
White Home Exterior with Charming Dark Green Front Door | Timmins Painting Sonoma County
a green front door with two planters on either side
That 70s Show of Hunter Green & Brass: It's Back! — DESIGNED
an orange door sits in front of a black building
The Best Paint Color for Every Room In Your House
A colorful front door in an ultra-shiny finish looks amazing, and is also really warm and welcoming. -
a cat is sitting on the floor in front of a red door with a lion head
How to Make an Ugly Entry Door Update DIY
My front door was simply ugly. I'm not in a position to buy a new entry door; they are super expensive to buy, then install, so I tried to find a way to make my old, flat, ugly door more appealing. First, I sanded the door and patched what I could, then cleaned it. I cut some lightweight PVC moulding and made two frames, which I bonded to the door with an adhesive for PVC. I also ran some silicone around the frames to make a more finished look. I wanted to make the door look completely…
a mailbox sitting in the middle of a gravel area next to some rocks and bushes
Gallery - The Mailbox Doctor
Gallery - The Mailbox Doctor
a wooden box with numbers on it in a garage area next to other boxes and tools
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