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Hard to catch bugs? slippers slapper is perfect for you!

Cockroach Swatter Slippers with Collapsible Handles; like I'd really continue wearing these around the house with a mashed cockroach carcass on the underside of one. and why are there cockroaches in the first place.

like my first car ? :) #holden#vt#custom#hoon#car#low#pimp#red#marone#rims#

like my first car ?


Cogoo has turned a BMX bike into a DJ bike with a music turntable that lets you mix tracks on the go. The Japanese bike-sharing program created the Turntable Rider, which has tw.

Crazy Inventions (Only in Japan)

Daddy Nurser Chindogu: This one caters to all the fathers out there suffering pangs of breast envy. It lets the eager daddy strap on breast-shaped feeding bottles and nurse his little one just like mommy does. Would Kasey have worn this?

Crazy Inventions (Only in Japan)

The Japanese are famous for their crazy inventions. We bring you collection of top 10 most bizarre Japanese inventions.