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Is hard to imagine millions years ago, how people use the simple tools to build those big stone and design those thing

*ITALY ~ Inside the Colosseum, Rome,Italy. Now that you've seen the amazing view of the Colosseum from Tram Tracks' tour make sure to visit the inside and take a tour!

Rameses temple, mainly build by stone because the age of those thing build, is  not have that much tools to made it delicate as now, but is still can see the design is very detail, the ceiling has pattern and the a ware of balance

Twin Temples - built by Ramsses II in 1264 BC in the southern province of Nubia, Egypt. Over the centuries they were completely covered by sand. They were rediscovered in 1813 by a boy named Abu Simbel, who led a British archeologist to them.

Love the pattern and the colour, and those curve is so cool

Have to check out the British Museum and see all the great art and history.:) The British Museum- London- UK- Dedicated to human history and culture. 8 million works (from all continents). The museum first opened in ♥ by 2014

The shadow of this window id art

Beautiful forts and palaces - Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. conservatory is located on the south side of the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. The three windows are carved from stone with a repeating geometric pattern