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Tash Frohlich
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Ancient Egyptian Furniture, the legs of the chair all face in one direction, similar to a lion.

Ancient Kemetic Furniture - once again a beautiful throne that would have been placed in the tomb of a king. this throne has a lot of colour that would have been hand painted. I really like the details of the stories presented.

Ceremonial Greek Chair (The Elgin Throne), 400 - 300 B.C.   made from marble. The chairs often has arms connected to the structure, or no arms at all

Ceremonial Chair (The Elgin Throne) Greek, 400 - 300 B. Marble The J. Paul Getty Museum “A rare surviving example of Greek marble furniture, the Elgin Throneoriginally was placed in a public space in Athens, perhaps in the Theater of Dionysos,.

The Pantheon in Rome, Italy. Featurign a number of columns (colonnades) and an open dome interior. This building has gone down in history and is typical of roman architecture

My favorite building! Pantheon in Rome, Italy- The Pantheon is a building that was built as a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome.Almost two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon's dome is still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome.

Roman couch from the imperial villa of Lucius Verus (co-emperor, A.D. 161-169) located in the MoMa, NY. this roman couch featured natural tones with red and lion motifs, common during this period.

These pieces of furniture come from the imperial villa of Lucius Verus (co-emperor, A. on the Via Cassia outside Rome. On the couch legs are friezes of huntsmen, horses and.