soluciones para cuartos de lavado en espacios pequeños

This is what our laundry will look like. Need open shelf for detergent & enough room for small clothes horse. I refuse to use hangers because of the marks they leave in shoulders! U can make a small laundry space look nice

NATY: Idea de lavadero chico, pero con un solo lavarropas.

Modern laundry room design featuring built-in cabinets & sink! Stacked front-load washer and dryer! Love the idea of a sink, why can't you have everything in a small laundry room?

DIY Laundry Basket Organizer.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

DIY Laundry Basket Organizer Build this beside the washing machine and attach poles to either side to create a place for clothing to hang dry

Compact wash basin and cabinet design. The dryer area can be replaced with more storage space

Full height cabinetry allows for easy concealment of brooms/mops/vacuum cleaner. Having the washer and dryer separated creates more benchspace in an already tight area. Perhaps framing the dryer with cabinetry would create a more streamlined look.

Grey laundry room features gray shaker cabinets paired with a white marble countertop and a white beveled tiled backsplash.

Exactmnt mío: con puertas y lavadero (I might put secadora next to lavadora y no on top)

Interior designer Terri Shannon lights up Melbourne home

Cocinas Cómodas. Diseños de cocinas en Madrid, de Línea 3 Cocinas

Cocinas Cómodas. Diseños de cocinas en Madrid, de Línea 3 Cocinas

Todo en orden Sobre el hall de entrada y frente al vestier, la lavandería tiene también su cuota de creatividad para aprovechar el espacio reducido: gabinetes superiores para almacenar todo lo necesario para el aseo y en la parte inferior, un mesón de madera provee espacio para los canastos y la lavadora. Las baldosas del piso hacen que un espacio habitualmente anodino se convierta en un sitio tan importante y consentido como el resto de la casa.

Laundry room, a place where you do not put some more emphasis on friendly again as it certainly spend some time in this area on weekends. We present laundry rooms that could be ideal for